Borrowing Policy


A Library Card is needed to borrow from the Riley City Library or to utilize the computers on a regular basis. The Library Card is free upon application with a photo ID, proof of address, and a good standing with the Library—meaning we have not been advised of overdue or problematic issues with you by another Library. A borrower or computer user must be in good standing with the Riley City Library. Computer Usage Rules are posted above the two PCs and the four laptops.

Children under 18 will need parental permission to apply for a Library Card. The dated written signature of both child and parent will be on file. To maintain (renew) the Library Card once it expires after two years of non-use, children below the age of 16 who are the primary card holders need to come in with their parents and re-sign and date the records for their cards. Parents of minor children are responsible for the books/movies borrowed, including any fines or fees.  Patrons 18 and over are self-responsible for anything borrowed.

Our patron card-holder file is updated every two years to help with our government funding. Simply by using your card on a regular basis, the Library knows you are an active card-holder. If your card has not been used for two years the Library may call to ask if you still want to be active, or we may send a letter asking you to contact the Library regarding renewal.

Please treat our books and movies with respect. We expect normal wear and tear, but ask that you do not mark or mutilate them. Please protect them from weather, pet, and food damage. If something does happen to a book or movie , we expect you to tell us and take responsibility. Many times a damaged book can be “saved” by taking appropriate action in a timely fashion. The same goes for DVD’s.

We loan our media player on the honor system. We expect you to return it in a timely manner. We have a handy outside-accessible drop for books and other borrowed items, to be used when the Library is closed.

Printed and audio books are loaned for a standard 3-week period. Movies are loaned for only 1 week.  A book may be renewed up to an additional 3 weeks, and movies for an additional week, provided another patron is not waiting to check out that item. Renewal may be done by phone, e-mail, or by bringing in the item to have it rechecked. Any book or movie out longer than this added time is considered overdue and is subject to a fine. Overdue printed books are charged 10¢ per open day per book, or 50¢ per week per book. Audio books are 25¢ per open day or $1.25 per week. Movies and music are 50¢ per open day or $2.50 per week. All lost or mutilated books, CDs, DVDs, or tapes are subject to replacement cost, and the borrower will be billed for such.

Please return only the books and movies you have checked out at the Riley City Library. This includes NCKLS rotating book (yellow spine labels). Do not return our books or movies to other libraries or movie rental agencies, as you may be billed for their replacement cost.

The Riley City Library’s automated computer records system may send you via e-mail weekly reminders of materials you have borrowed. You will need to have provided a current and valid personal e-mail address. (This, however, does not apply to any of the NCKLS rotating books you may have borrowed.)
Fines and fees charged to you totaling $5 or more will result in temporary suspension of Library privileges, including future restrictions on the number of items you may borrow. If such occurs, a trial period will be established during which checked-out items must be returned in a timely manner for three consecutive borrowing visits. This applies to any Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items.

If you have moved, taking our Library material with you, please contact us. It is not necessary for a registered letter to reach you in order for us to take action against you. We still expect you to return any borrowed materials or to contact us and arrange to send us the replacement cost of the item(s). We have the right to contact other Libraries regarding any delinquent status.

We hope to have you as an active, responsible patron for years to come. We welcome input and comments regarding the Library and its services. Feel free to visit with the Librarian or the Library Board Members on any matter regarding such.

Please take time to browse our shelves . . . and WELCOME TO RILEY CITY LIBRARY!